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Data security you can trust

Data protection is part of our process

Expiration Reminder is hosted on a secured cloud infrastructure with backups done many times throughtout the day & that is trusty by hundreds of customers.

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All data is backed up

All data within the account is backed up many times per day. These includes any file attachments that are added to expirations. Once the rear is completed, then is encrypted to keep your data safe.

Secure login

Expiration Reminder supports multiple trade standard logins which will keep your data safe. You'll setup Two-Factor Authentication or add any of the out of the box suppliers for Single Sign-On (SSO) including Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin or any SAML provider.

How we secure your data ???

Your privacy matters initial, your data will be with YOU and only YOU. In today's world, data security could be a vital facet that is why we tend to bring one unique solution to provide safety to your much-valued information. One backup file will be stored in your local computer where software runs and another file are sent to your own mail id. If one thing happens to your pc then the backup are taken from your Mail Id.

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Key Features
  • Backup on Local Machine
  • Backup on Email Id
  • No Internet Require
  • Safe Finance Data
  • Safe Clients Infomation