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The advance live attendance tracking system, gym owners can manage attendance for their clients and staff with time. Attendace tracking system will not permit to clients when their membership has already got invalid.

Simple and elegant access control for your gym with attendance tracking or biometric identification

Do you want to avoid unauthorized personnel entering your gym, fitness center or club? and, you also like to obtain more information regarding the frequencies of the member visits: how many times they attended each month, who are the most loyal and frequent visitors, and who have not been coming for more than a month. Special splash will get on the computer when clients put their fingers or punchings on the biometric machine Easy Gym Software's access control can turn out to be a significant upgrade for your gym.The supported biometric machines for software are ESSL's companies ESSL K30, ESSLx990, and ESSL F2.

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Key Features
  • Client Attendanace
  • Staff Attendanace
  • Check IN & Check OUT timings
  • Doorlock Access Control
  • Free Biometric Integration with software
  • Increases cash flow
  • Restrict Non-Paying Clients at Door
  • Regularies Payments On-time