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Reminders and Notification

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Email reminders and Notifications are alerts that a modification in Ebizsuite has occurred. This might include an element’s status changing from On Target to Below set up, being set as the owner of an element, or somebody else editing an element you own. This feature permits you to remain up-to-date on the changes most significant to you in Ebizsuite.This may embrace reminding component owners to update their monthly data before a particular date, or to update the status of their initiatives, milestones, and action things before a review meeting.

Powerful and Effective Notification

Understand what wants resources and attention. Look into what's about to expire this year or in the coming month. Plan ahead what has to be done to renew the forthcoming things. Have a complete summary of your compliance level, what employees have expired licenses or what contracts got to be looked into? Our reportage can show it all.

gym management software
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gym management software

Visual friendly dashboard

The dashboard will quickly give you a sense on how you're doing by display what's current, expired and about to expire. The forecast section will also display what's about to expire in the coming months. Now you can really plan ahead.